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  1. Pope Francis Opens Summit on Sexual Abuse: ‘Hear the Cry of the Little Ones’  The New York Times

    VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis opened a historic summit meeting Thursday morning devoted to the scourge of child sexual abuse, an issue that has for...

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  2. Senate investigators pursue Moscow-based former Trump associate  CNN

    Senate investigators want to question David Geovanis, a Moscow-based American businessman with longstanding ties to President Donald Trump.

  3. Snow falls in Las Vegas for the second time in a week  NBC News

    For the second time in a week it snowed in the Las Vegas area. A winter storm moving through the Southwest on Wednesday drew down temperatures and...

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  4. Johnson & Johnson receives federal subpoenas related to baby powder litigation  Reuters

    Johnson & Johnson said Wednesday it has received subpoenas from the U.S. Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) related...

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  5. US, China outline deal to end trade war: Report  Fox Business

    High level talks are being held Thursday and Friday in Washington.

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  6. Walmart greeter with cerebral palsy told he'll lose his job if he doesn't agree  Yahoo Lifestyle

    A Pennsylvania man with cerebral palsy who's worked as a Walmart greeter for 10 years will likely lose his job unless he agrees to physical demands he's not...

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